Additional Sunday Programming

Sunday, January 21

Social Justice Roundtable with Rev. Kelli Clement, 9:30. It’s been 45 years since Roe v. Wade was decided, and one year since the worldwide protests known as the Women’s March. What does the #MeToo movement owe to these two markers of modern feminist history?

FUS University: “World Religions and Humanism, Part I: Islam”, noon. Most people at FUS practice a humanism that is agnostic or non-theistic, but humanistic values can be found across the world’s religions. Join FUS member Rev. Wendy Jerome, one of our in-house religious scholars, for part one of this series, which will outline the basics of four large religious movements – Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism – and explore how humanist thinking intersects with each.

Young Adult Discussion Circle, noon (ages 18-35). This month we will focus on the topic of success and failure. We will incorporate readings, guided questions, and interactive exercises. Childcare provided upon prior request. For more information, please contact Ministerial Intern .

Sunday, January 28

First Hour, 9:30 am: Introduction to Restorative Justice with Donna L. Minter, PhD, Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Minter will share Restorative Justice philosophy, principles, and practices, the differences between Restorative Justice and other types of justice, and will provide opportunity for discussion and Q&A. Dr. Minter practices neuropsychology & forensic psychology and is the Exec. Director of Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute.

“Religious Tolerance and Tolerating Religion,” with Rev. David, noon. The Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness campaign for the Super Bowl is “Bold Hope in the North.” This interfaith effort says that we’re all playing on the same team. But just what sort of team is that?

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