ASSEMBLY: Only in the Love, Love that Lifts Us Up

Sunday, November 19

10:30 AM | Upper Assembly Hall

A Journey toward Wholeness

The First Unitarian Chorus and Orchestra explore the themes of anguish, aloneness, and alienation, transformed by love and community, ultimately leading us to lightness and joy.

We begin the morning with the moving work by Jake Runestead called “Please Stay”, a plea to those who have felt hopeless and desperate because of mental health issues or being marginalized in society. We will also feature Craig Hella Johnson’s “All of Us”, a piece written in memory of Matthew Shephard and a call for us to open our hearts to love and release ourselves from the fear of “the other”

A very special guest, Lynn Erickson, from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, will play the piccolo trumpet in the stunning Brandenburg Concerto #2 by J.S. Bach. This work, filled with so much light, dance, and joy will move us on our journey toward light and wholeness. We end with Emily Dickinson’s “Will there really be a morning” beautifully arranged by Craig Hella Johnson. Other composers include Samuel Barber, and poets Emily Dickinson and Michael Dennis Browne. Dr. Jeffrey Stirling will conduct the chorus and orchestra.

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Dietrich 100 Discussion: Thoughts on God

Sunday, January 15

12:00 Noon | Heritage Room

“Thoughts on God,” led by Nick Rowse and Mikki Morrissette. “All of history has taught us that… the placement of man or the state at the heart of the universe results in a paralyzing self-glorification and mass selfishness, and the first signs of it are already frighteningly evident. It is high time to realize that the man-society relationship is not enough, but in order to save our civilization we need to restore the man-universe relationship.”

This is one in a series of talks/discussions centered on Rev. John Dietrich, who began promoting religious humanism at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis 100 years ago.

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Final Plans for Capital Project

Sunday, December 18

12:00 Noon | Upper Assembly Hall

After more than a year of planning, fundraising and quiet work, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee presented the finalized plans, designs, and the construction schedule, leading up to the ground-breaking that will follow early in 2017.

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Blood Drive 2018 at First Unitarian Society – April 29, 2018

Sunday, April 29

8:30 - 12:30 PM | near First Unitarian Society building

The Memorial Blood Centers Bloodmobile will be at First Unitarian Society on Sunday, April 29, from 8:30-12:30 pm.

Patients at local hospitals rely on Memorial Blood Centers to be there with the right blood type they need to save lives. Blood doesn’t last forever. Please help replenish the supply.

It’s easy to make an appointment online at www.mbc.org/searchdrives, and enter sponsor code 9874, or call Sarah at 651-332-7164.

New donors are welcome. If you have any questions about your eligibility, you can contact the Memorial Blood Center nurse at (651) 332-7208.
(If you do feel uncertain, please contact the nurse with your question before making an appointment.)

Thank you for your interest!

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Getting to Know UU

12:00 PM

If you’re new to Unitarian Universalism and/or First Unitarian Society and would like to learn more about our history, principles and purposes – or not so new and would like a refresher course – please do attend “Getting to Know UU.”  Childcare provided.

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