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A working timeline has been announced! Your may view it here (as a PDF file).

In this issue:
Construction slated to begin began in February
Fundraising Update
Staying Informed
Getting Involved

Construction slated to begin began in February
Contracts have been signed and materials are being ordered, and construction work in the building began in February.

Prior to that, in January, the Project Management team met with committee chairs and program leaders to discuss how construction will be impacting our activities around the building.

Total Fundraising has met the $3.25 million goal
With our revised construction budget of $3.8 million, and $600K in loans, we have now achieved this stretch goal. Additional commitments are still welcome. It is not too late to make a financial commitment in support of the project. Click here to access a PDF commitment form.

Staying Informed
We expect our Mount Curve home to be a very busy place in 2017, and please remember that we will all need to be flexible as some of our activities may be temporarily relocated around the building.

As things kick off this month we’ll share with you:

  • A visual overview of the work planned for particular areas of the building
  • A timeline of the planned construction

We’ll keep you updated during the process with info such as:

  • How to navigate FUS during construction
  • Pictures of progress on the FUS Facebook page
  • Ways you can get involved (yes, we’ll need your help)!

Getting Involved
If you’d like to close the gap toward our fundraising goal you can:

  • Request a meeting with a member of the fundraising team.
  • Contact the chair of the Capital Campaign, Greg Giles, at 651-307-2252, or the chair of the Fundraising Team, Linnea Asp, at 612-345-7095.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please drop us an . And as always, watch your email and check this website for the latest info.

Please us with any questions, concerns and suggestions. The Capital Campaign Steering Committee is interested in your ideas and feedback, and will reply as quickly as possible.

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