Capital Campaign

Here’s the latest from our Building Humanism from the Inside Out project, the First Unitarian Society Capital Campaign.

We are making progress! As with any major renovation project, one of our big themes has been “OUT with the old, IN with the new”. Most of the early stages of our efforts have been concentrated on the first part of that formula, i.e., removing the old. But, as every day goes by this summer, we are spending less time removing, and more time building.

Construction News Highlights

Elevator News: Construction on the new elevator shaft has been completed. The elevator company will start to install the new equipment on Monday. Reminder: the new elevator will be located in the space previously occupied by the FUS Library.

Mount Curve Entrance: The big box on the lawn near the Mount Curve entrance is a construction trailer, and it will remain there for the rest of the summer. Xcel has now hooked up our big new transformer, recently installed near our southeast property line. AND, this week, the city of Minneapolis is working on the long-awaited repairs to our sidewalk along Mount Curve Avenue.

Balcony: The balcony has been closed for the summer. Construction continues on the maintenance access doors from the balcony to the roof.

3rd Floor (aka Upper Assembly Level): The hallway in the program wing is undergoing substantial reconfiguration. At the end of the hall, you can see that the big windows in the stairwell have been removed in preparation for replacement.

Groveland Side: If you look out the big Upper Assembly Hall windows, you will see that work is proceeding in the big hole in the ground. The footings are being poured for the stairwell that will be the new egress from the first floor. The Groveland Avenue entrance remains closed.

Building-wide: The HVAC crew is cutting holes in walls around the building. These holes will accommodate the ductwork for our new heating and air-conditioning.

Coming Up

Things to look forward to soon:

  • Windows will be installed in the next few weeks
  • Installation of the new elevator equipment will begin Monday
  • Finishing work is proceeding in the new all-gender bathrooms
  • It is now mid-July, and we are looking forward to celebrating the completion of our project this coming fall. Note that the first Sunday of the fall season is September 10th, only 8 weeks away. Stay alert – we will provide details on any celebration events as they become available.

NOTE: We are now temporarily without an operating elevator. Fortunately, our summer programming is still fully accessible, because we are conducting all Sunday morning activities on the 3rd floor—in the Upper Assembly, the Dietrich Room and other spaces on that level.

Please make sure to enter through the Mount Curve entrance. The Groveland entrance has been closed until further notice.

NOTE: The accessible restrooms on 3rd floor have been disconnected. For now, accessible portable restrooms are available just outside the Mount Curve entrance.

Staying Informed

Keep an eye on the floor plans that have been mounted on the walls of the gallery outside the Upper Assembly Hall. They will be updated with the latest news of construction work and room availability.

Your questions and comments are always appreciated, so please send us a message an with any questions, concerns and suggestions. The Capital Campaign Steering Committee is interested in your ideas and feedback, and will reply as quickly as possible.

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