Capital Campaign Questions and Answers

What does ‘Building Humanism from the Inside Out’ mean?Building Humanism from the Inside Out is the name of our capital campaign. For FUS to continue as a leader of Humanism, we need to invest in making functional updates to our Building. Starting Inside, we want to improve comfort and accessibility, reflect our commitment to conserving energy, and accommodate technological needs. We want also to make more meaningful connections to the world Outside, to nature and to our community. Investing in our building can help us achieve our long-term goals and live our humanist values.
What was the outcome of the congregational vote on February 21, 2016?The congregation voted strongly in favor of proceeding with the capital campaign.
How do the committees, Board of Trustees, congregation, and architect interact?

What is the organization chart?
Click here to view the Capital Campaign Organization Chart.
Who are the members of the Steering Committee and of the three teams?Click here to view the members of these committees
Has the Capital Campaign begun?Yes, the Steering Committee and its three teams have been working since the congregational vote in February.
What is happening between April and June?The Steering Committee has given Kodet Architectural Group feedback on the initial concepts that Kodet presented earlier, including a prioritized list of the features FUS wants to include.

Kodet is creating three “concept alternatives” with budgets to deliver to the Steering Committee.

In April and May, the Steering Committee with review Kodet’s design work in consultation with the Board of Trustees, the Building & Grounds team and the Aesthetics Team. Then Kodet will prepare the “final schematic design”. This will be presented to the congregation on June 5.

The Steering Committee and the three teams continue to meet regularly throughout this period.

The fund-raising team continues to talk to the Board of Trustees and other FUS leadership, and is planning subsequent stages of the campaign.

How will the final decision be made?The Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees will give final direction to Kodet Architectural Group, which we expect to happen in June.
How is a Capital Campaign Commitment different from an FUS Annual Pledge?Paying your Annual Pledge is like covering routine maintenance of your home. It supports the Society’s regular annual operating expenses as determined by the congregationally approved budget. It covers staff salaries, our program costs (music, RE, social justice), utilities, basic building upkeep, etc.

A Capital Campaign Commitment covers necessary but non-routine expenses like replacing your roof at home. It is a one-time agreement to contribute a sum of money over a five-year period to this capital improvement project, making significant and large improvements to our building. Campaign commitments are an additional contribution and do not replace a regular pledge.

How is a Capital Campaign Commitment different from making a donation to the FUS Foundation?A donation to the FUS Foundation is invested in one or more of several Foundation funds for either general or designated purposes. For most of the funds, only the fund income is available to be distributed each year.
When would we be expected to pay commitments made to the Capital Campaign?The campaign will be asking for commitments to be paid over the course of 5 years. Stock donations are accepted; see Shelli Hesselroth (FUS Finance Director).
Are contributions to the campaign being accepted now?The Fundraising Team is not actively soliciting gifts or commitments at this time. These solicitations will happen personally and will begin this spring. Some individuals have made very generous commitments to show support for the effort during the planning phases. These commitments now total almost $900,000 and we are grateful for this support. If you are in a position to make a contribution now, please get in touch with one of the Fundraising Team members.
When is the money needed?People can make a payment schedule for their commitments that fits their needs and unique situations. Some people will spread it evenly over several years, some will pay it all upfront, and some will make other plans. The Fundraising Team can help arrange a plan that works for each household.
How will a Commitment work? How and when will the money actually be donated?Donors will specify when and how their commitment will be given to FUS, as well as the amount. Commitments can be paid by check, credit card (at the iPad kiosk on Sundays), via automatic withdrawals, or donations of stock.
How was the architect selected?The Building & Grounds committee and Board Treasurer interviewed several firms. Upon their recommendation, the Trustees approved the Kodet Architectural Group, for their expertise in mid-century modern church buildings and their close familiarity with the FUS building and site.
Will work begin before all the money is committed or donated? Will a bank loan be involved?Since people are asked to pay their commitments over a five-year period, we will begin work before all the money is committed. We will stage the work in such a way to reduce costs and gain efficiencies, but it is likely that some financing will need to be obtained.
Are suggestions still being taken?Yes. Submit suggestions or questions by
Are we updating the heating and cooling system?”Yes, updating the heating and cooling system is high on our priority list.
Will the items included in the renovation depend on the amount of funds raised?Yes, the three alternative schematic designs will have a different costs associated with them. Other factors that will influence the project include building codes and accessibility requirements. The Steering Committee has prioritized the items we view as most important.
Will we preserve the mid-century modernist architecture?Yes. The desire to preserve the spirit and integrity of the original design was powerfully heard by the Board, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Capital Campaign Task Force in the listening sessions.