Director of Religious Education

Laura Carpenter

Laura has overall responsibility for our Religious Explorers program (Kindergarten through High School).

She writes the following about herself:
“I moved across the country to be here. I came here because I believe in the history of this Society, our aspirations and our role in the greater Unitarian Universalist movement. The Society got its start, over a century ago, as a group of thinkers who came together to discuss the writings of Charles Darwin. My kid’s name is Darwin. In this and in many other ways, I know I belong here.

“My life’s work has prepared me well for this role. I have spent a long time in environmental education, volunteer management, science, and activism. I love to work with children and youth. I totally believe in each person’s power to do good. Among my life’s heroes is the literary character Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus series. She is always setting kids into situations she knows will be highly educational for them, but then she takes a backseat approach and lets the kids figure it out for themselves, acting as a guide, counselor, and guardian when necessary. As DRE, I find myself in a similar role. Miss Frizzle sums up what I would call a successful life strategy in these words, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

“As DRE, I am a fair leader, a responsible guardian, a dependable presence, a playmate, a listening ear, and a happy collaborator. I am also a mother. Motherhood has profoundly deepened my passion for people and the planet. It has changed my personal narrative from “what I care about” to “what I absolutely must do something about”. Like the families I serve, I am here to raise my children to know the diverse religious traditions and stories of the world, to love and respect our neighbors, to find out who they are, and be a positive force for change and good in our community.

“I am deeply committed to this community of thinkers, lovers, and radicals and believe with my whole heart that what we do is important, here and now and for the future of life. If you have an idea to share, time to give, or want to help in any creative capacity, please contact me about volunteering with RE.”