Adult Education



  • Online Contemplation and Rejuvenation Services, July 16 (body) & August 27 (spirit), 6:00-7:30pm (central time). We live in times of profound change. We see it globally, nationally, and many of us feel it on a deeply personal level. How can we grow our capacity for discomfort? What tools do we have for expanding our minds to new perspectives and possibilities? How willing are we to stretch ourselves into action to create the world of our dreams?
    All of this growing, expanding and stretching can make our spirits a little achy sometimes. So, give your spirit some spa time! Join Dream Lab Chief Experience Officer Cherie Anderson, and Unitarian Universalist Minister Rev. Kelli Clement, for spirit-rejuvenating contemplation this summer. We will nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits in 90 minute cyber-services. Attend from the comfort of your own deck chair! All belief systems, or lack thereof, are joyfully welcomed. No preaching (pinky swear!). Just reflection, centering, and intention-setting. Registration and more information here.
  • IN FALL: Talking about Race and Racism with Kids, September to October 2017, Sundays noon-1:30 pm. Our Religious Explorers program is bringing in educator Denise Konen for a five-week workshop on how to talk to your kids about race. This is in-depth work aimed at building communities that are able to engage in productive conversations about racism and whiteness with kids. Note: families registered and signed up to volunteer for the FUS RE program in 2017-2018 are eligible for a fee waiver. Space for this workshop is limited. For more information on how to register for it, please .


FUS University — noon, Dietrich Room

  • July 2: Update from New Orleans with Revs. David and Jim, who both just spent a week at national Unitarian Universalist events, including General Assembly and Ministry Days. Come hear about the humanist worship service, big changes at the UUA, Tropical Storm Cindy, and more. FUS member Gene Martinez, who attended remotely, will also be on hand. We’ll meet in the Upper Assembly Hall.
  • Second Sunday Science, on hiatus for summer. We will resume on September 10th, discussing the book “Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible,” by Jerry Coyne. Questions? For more info, contact .

Dietrich 100 Address-of-the-Month Discussion 

Noon, Heritage Room (on hiatus for summer)
To mark the 100-year anniversary of Rev. John Dietrich’s arrival at FUS, we are looking in-depth at one of his addresses each month on the third Sunday. Participants will benefit from reading at least an excerpt or full transcript of the talk beforehand. For more from our “Humanist Pulpit” blog, click here. Schedule-to-date:


The Big Read (on hiatus for summer)



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