First Hour and Assembly Sundays

Upper Assembly Talks, 10:30 Sunday

  • November 12 “Flip Sides, Other Hands, and Bronze Linings,” Rev. Jim. Sometimes it’s not possible to be grateful for the things that happen, in our lives or in our world — the challenges of appreciating the seemingly unappreciateable. Special music by The Eclectics.
  • November 19, Music Sunday. “Only in the Love, Love that lifts us up. A Journey toward Wholeness.” Join the First Unitarian Chorus and Orchestra to explore the themes of aloneness, anguish, and alienation, transformed by love 

    and community, ultimately leading us to lightness and joy. Music by Jake Runestad, Craig Hella Johnson, Samuel Barber and Ruth Crawford Seeger. Special guest soloists include past and present members of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra for a performance of Bach’s joyous Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, and poetry by Emily Dickinson and Michael Dennis Browne. Dr. Jeffrey Stirling will conduct the FUS Chorus and Orchestra.

  • November 26  “When Gratitude Saves Us  — Reflections on Overcoming” with FUS Ministerial Intern Jane Smith.

“First Hour”

A “First Hour” event is offered first Sundays from September through May at 9:30am in the Dietrich Room.

Sundays at 9:30 am at FUS, Lower Assembly Hall
  • October 29  The “Widow’s Mite” in Context: Generous or “Deplorable”?  with FUS member Rev. Wendy Jerome
  • November 5: “Hot Dish Politics” with MinnPost political reporter Briana Bierschback. What it’s like to cover Minnesota’s specific style of politics, how the political landscape is changing and what big events are on the horizon. Ms. Bierschbach covers the Minnesota Legislature, from politics and policy to the campaign trail.
  • November 12: FUS University presents “In the Face of Fantasy.” Join Rev. David as he continues an exploration of the implications of the book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A Five-Hundred Year History by Kurt Anderson.
  • November 19: Are you concerned about the level of gun violence in Minnesota? Come hear Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, executive director of Protect Minnesota, on Preventing Gun Violence in Minnesota. Consider joining our FUS chapter of the Interfaith Alliance for Gun Safety.

Past programs have included:

  • “What is Food Justice?” with Ladonna Redmond,  Diversity & Community Engagement Manager at Seward Co-op.
  • “Journalism: Fact and Fiction Colliding” featuring Kim Ode, Staff Writer at the Star Tribune (aka, “Enemy of the People?”).
  • “Insist, Resist, Persist.” R.T. Rybak discussed how, when he was mayor, Unitarian Universalists were usually the first group he went to for community engagement.
  • “Foreign Policy Under the Trump Administration” with Ann Wright, retired diplomat and Colonel in the U.S. Army.
  • “How to Sue the President in 3 Easy Steps.” Hear the story of an Iranian couple who got caught in the chaos of the travel ban and their legal fight to be reunited in Minnesota.
  • “Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System in the News” with MPR Reporter Brandt Williams
  • “Together We Can Make it Okay” with Bruce Ario from NAMI Minnesota and the FUS Mental Health Awareness Team

First Hour programs and Sunday talks also are listed with other activities at the Society at