Youth: Grades 8-9


The curriculum alternates annually between the Our Whole Lives and Coming of Age programs. Both are intense, meaningful offerings at a pivotal time in the lives of our young people. Regular attendance is very important.

Groups meet Sunday mornings from 10:30 – 11:45 during the regular church year.

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

This is a comprehensive and progressive sexuality program for eighth and ninth graders. It is our commitment to raising sexually healthy youth. This program teaches caring, compassion, and respect as well as factual information and deals with attitudes, values and feelings that youth have about themselves and the world. It meets for an hour and a half each Sunday morning for the entire program year. It is taught by trained facilitators and there is a mandatory parents’ orientation.

Coming of Age

This program alternates with OWL. It asks our youth to look introspectively at themselves and ponder these questions:

  • What are the character traits that they are developing or hope to develop?
  • What is their current stand on religious issues such as god, forgiveness and sex?
  • Can they write a credo expressing who they are right now and their thoughts on the above issues?

The Coming of Age group develops and leads an Assembly in the spring and it is the highlight of the year to listen to these intelligent and thoughtful youth speak their minds and hearts.  Also, as part of the program they attend the Urban Immersion Weekend in Minneapolis where they spend their time learning about the root causes of poverty, doing a social justice project and reflecting about all they have seen and learned.

Social Justice Summer Internships

This summer program is a social justice internship for youth who have finished the ninth grade. Youth work in social justice organizations for a period of time that fits their summer plans.  They do receive a stipend according to the number of hours they work.  They meet as a group to talk about social justice issues and each student has a mentor for the program.  Youth may apply for this program in the spring of their ninth-grade year.