Major Justice Activities


Learn about social justice issues and hone your advocacy skills during workshops, films, and book discussions.

Direct Service

Lend a hand and have fun with other Society members by volunteering! One example is Service Sunday, an annual day of volunteering during an assembly in July. Other examples include serving a meal at a shelter or cleaning up a community garden.

Advocacy/Systemic Change

During the legislative session, information will be available on legislation related to social justice issues in the Lower Assembly Hall and through newsletters, announcements, the Exchange, and postings.

There are many legislative advocacy days and rallies at the capitol.  Days of particular importance to our social justice program will be promoted and those who are able to attend will go together.


The Social Justice program leads special projects such as collecting coats and gloves in the winter season. We also oversee special Sunday morning collections for beneficiaries such Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Fresh Energy.

Action Teams

Action Teams form around common social justice interests of the members. The members of each group own it and decide what they want to do, when they want to meet, or if they want to connect via email to study an issue, take action, get speakers, or go to community events. The Social Justice Committee is available to help if the group wants to do something that involves the rest of the congregation or greater community.

Community Solar Gardens

In collaboration with the other Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Twin Cities, we are participating in a solar garden project. Individual households enroll for a specific solar garden and ultimately save on their Excel energy bills. To learn about our UU Community Solar Garden program and how you can join see this overview PDF (note: 1.5MB).

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

The UUSC is a nonsectarian organization that advances human rights and social justice in the United States and around the world. We participate in annual UUSC programs such as Guest at Your Table and Justice Sunday.

Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH)

The Society is a member of the DCEH. We participate in annual DCEH programs such as Sabbath to End Homelessness and Project Homeless Connect. Members are also invited to participate in DCEH’s interfaith action team and advocacy team.


The Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance (MUUSJA) has working groups on marriage equality, voter rights, reproductive justice, and the environment