Second Sunday Science: October 8

Sunday, October 8

9:15 - 10:15 AM | Skyline Room

On September 10, 15 of us had a lively discussion of “Faith versus Fact,” by Jerry Coyne,chapters 1-3, tying our all-time attendance record. What a great start to the new FUS program year!

We were happy to be back after the summer — and very pleased with the new windows (and Skyline view) in the meeting room.

Jerry Edwards skillfully led the discussion. Thanks, Jerry. And thanks, everyone, for participating.

On October 8, we will continue our discussion of this book, the second “half”, chapters 4 and 5.

New participants welcome, even if you haven’t yet read the book. Numerous YouTube videos about the author are available for background. For more information, please email group leaders .

We will also discuss and decide on a book for November and December.

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