Second Sunday Science: September 10

Sunday, September 10

9:15 - 10:15 AM | Frank Lloyd Wright Room

Important stuff about the next meeting:
September 10

We decided NOT to meet during July and August this year. We plan to resume on September 10.

The reasons for this break are the uncertainties of the building renovation on top of the usual difficulties of members’ summer travels and the lack of time to read in the midst of outdoor activities.


September 10th book
We agreed to discuss the first half of

Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible
by Jerry Coyne (author of Why Evolution is True), which our group read about a year ago),
c 2015
311 pages

HCL = 6 copies
The FUS Bookstore will not be open regular hours during this summer. It does have 3 copies of this book. To purchase one before September, contact Jerry Edwards or other member of the bookstore committee.
On Amazon, $7.62 paperback

“The best-selling author of Why Evolution Is True discusses the negative role of religion in education, politics, medicine and social policy, explaining how religion cannot provide verifiable or responsible answers to world problems. “

You may agree or disagree with the arguments given!


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