Second Sunday Science: February 11

Sunday, February 11

9:15 - 10:15 AM | Circle Room

Our book for the next TWO months is Why Time Flies, by Alan Burdick.

It is not a deep, complex science book, but provides many insights into phenomena we are all familiar with and yet know little about—time.

Discussion note for Why Time Flies:
We will need to focus on discussion on the book—rather than on lengthy personal anecdotes. Of course, it’s fine to briefly describe how your experience supports a concept in the book or led to your reaction to part of the book. But the reason this group discusses science books–as opposed to science–is so that we all have a common background—the book’s content—as the basis for discussion. In a book like this—on a topic we all have experienced—it may be challenging to keep our discussion on track. But we can do it!

We will discuss the first half of the book in February and the second half in March.

Getting the book — Why Time Flies – HCL has 18 copies but there are 0 available at the moment and 6 holds—so reserve now if you want to borrow one.
The FUS bookstore will be ordering a few copies for sale. Ask at the bookstore in a week or two. On Amazon the book costs $12-13 plus shipping.

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