April 9: Second Sunday Science

Sunday, April 9

9:15 - 10:15 AM | Frank Lloyd Wright Room

Important stuff about the next meeting:
April 9

We will meet in the Frank Lloyd Wright Room (Mt. Curve entrance, upper floor, last classroom on right) until further notice.

Which book?
Our book for April is:
“Black Hole Blues,” by Janna Levin, 2016, 241 pages.  We will discuss the second half of the book.  (Come to our April discussion even if you did not come in March! You won’t feel you’ve missed out … promise.)

Who leads the discussion?
Sue Okerstrom will lead in April.

What’s this book about?  

This book is a fascinating history, from the 1960s through 2016, of the scientists who have been involved in the first-ever experiment to confirm the existence of gravitational waves (predicted by Einstein). They are quite a bunch of unique individuals—to say the least. And their story tells a lot about how science (experimental physics) is done and funded.

How can I get this book?

Hennepin Co Library has 12 copies, but there are 17 holds currently.  The FUS Bookstore is ordering copies. They may (or may not) be available by April 9. (It’s available on Amazon.com for under $15 plus shipping.)



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