Becoming a Member

Check out the Pathway to Membership.

The Pathway to Membership is a series of three, one-hour workshops to help you get to know the Society, its staff, and its many activities, while meeting fellow newcomers.

Part 1: Welcome to FUS (First Unitarian Society)
Are you new around FUS? Want to get some info on the Pathway to Membership? Join us for an informal gathering where you can get some questions answered and meet other new and not-so-new folks at the Society. 2nd Sunday of each month, noon-1pm in Rev. Kelli’s office.
Upcoming dates: May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, and Sept. 10

Part 2: Finding Yourself at FUS
This middle session on the Pathway to Membership helps you explore how you and FUS might be a theological and practical fit.

Part 3: Committing Yourself to FUS
You’ve been welcomed and have attended our “Finding Yourself at FUS” session. Now you’re ready. Come to this last session on the Pathway to Membership to reflect on what it means to become a member here, turn in your pledge card, and sign the book.

Part 2 & 3: Finding Yourself at FUS and Committing Yourself to FUS
Two workshops are combined into one session. Saturday session includes soup lunch.

(Parts 2 and 3 are not typically offered during the summer months; check with or .)

New Member Sunday: New members are formally and joyfully welcomed into the congregation in a ceremony held during our regular Sunday assembly a few times a year. New Member breakfast, too!

Please contact or for more info about our Pathway to Membership.


Anyone age 15 or older is eligible to become a Member of the First Unitarian Society. Only Members are eligible to vote on congregational matters such as the annual budget, the election of Trustees or calling a settled minister.

To remain a member in good standing, you have made a recordable financial contribution to the Society in the past 12 months.