Life Passages

The First Unitarian Society is honored to host significant events in the lives of our own members as well as members of the larger community including:

Weddings and Unions

ehepaarOur minister and other Unitarian Universalist clergy  and Humanist Celebrants affiliated with the Society are available to officiate at weddings and covenental unions. Working together with the minister, couples are invited to participate in designing a ceremony that is meaningful in the context of their spiritual life and values, reflecting their individual personalities and vision of the promises they are making. Wedding services are available to the larger community as well as to members; interfaith couples often seek our assistance because of our appreciation for diverse faith traditions.

An initial meeting should be scheduled well in advance in order to check the calendar and to enable the minister and couple to become acquainted with each other.  Successive meetings may then be arranged to plan the ceremony. Use of the Society’s facilities for ceremonies conducted by other officiants may be arranged at the discretion of the senior minister.

Attractive space is available in the building for reception events with outside catering or our own in-house caterer.

Memorial Services

The staff and facilities of the Society are available for families planning a memorial gathering in honor of one who has died. Through meeting with family members, an observance is created that honors the personality and life story, as well as the wishes and beliefs, of the deceased in a meaningful and healing way. The services of clergy and celebrants are contingent on scheduling. As with weddings, memorial services are offered to the larger community as well as Society members, with a differing scale of fees. We respect non-traditional methods of disposition, including cremation, green burial, and donation to medical science. Graveside or interment ceremonies can also be arranged, either separately, or in conjunction with a memorial service.

To document your intentions for a memorial service, please complete this form (PDF) and return it to the office.

Alternatively, you may complete this online form that will send your plans to the Society’s office. We recommend that you review all of the questions and gather appropriate information before starting to fill out the forms.

Child Dedications

Child dedications or child naming ceremonies celebrate the birth of a child into the community of First Unitarian Society. This rite of passage marks the pledge of the community to love and support the child and family. In the tradition of Unitarian Universalism, dedications or naming ceremonies are often unique to the circumstances of the family. These celebrations generally take place during or just after Sunday morning Assemblies. Family and friends are always welcome. Contact the Senior Minister to plan this event.

Fees and Arrangements