Volunteer – Seasonal Celebrations

Volunteer at the Summer Solstice, Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Your help with a single task is greatly appreciated.

  • Food Prep and Kitchen Supervision (5:00-7:45pm)
  • Decorate and set tables for supper buffet (4:30—6:30pm)
  • Ticket sales (6:00-6:45pm or 6:45-7:15pm)
  • Kid’s craft table and supervision (7:00-7:30pm)
  • Buffet Table—set-up and service (6:00-7:00pm)
  • Buffet Table—service and clean-up (7:00-7:45pm)
  • Dessert set-up and ice-cream scooping (8:15-9:00pm)
  • Final table clearing and kitchen clean-up (8:45-9:30pm)