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Rules of the Game – June 6, 2021

Speaker: Rev.  David BreedenSunday, June 6, 2021 Text of talk (PDF):

The Ten Commitments: “How Can I Help”

Speaker: Rev. Dr. David Breeden

Christmas Eve 2020

Speaker: Rev. Jim Foti

Summer Solstice Celebration!

Savor the longest day with friends at FUS!

Deconversion, Disarray, and What’s Next

Drew Bekius

Possibility, Prophecy, and What Actually Happens

David Breeden, speaker

Forum: Where Do You Get Your Morals?

Speaker: Phil Zuckerman

Rightful Place: Black Humanism from the Past and Into the Future

Mandisa Thomas

Citizens League: Needed Now More than Ever  

Pahoua Yang Hoffman

Innovation and Adaption – Children

Amanda Harrington

Practicing Safe Sects – How an Evangelical Theologian Discovered the Pleasures of Atheism

F. LeRon Shults