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Embracing the Unknown in Love

Fall Equinox and this season of change reminds us that change is the only constant. While our nature is to seek control, there’s beauty and strength in accepting—even cherishing—the mysteries of the unknown.

Knowledge, Know-How, Wisdom

The distinction between knowledge (knowing what) and technique (knowing how ) has long been a tension. The solution sounds simple, but in practice it is not. A talk from Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

How Stories Can Save US

“Everything is held together by stories. That’s all that’s holding us together–stories and compassion.” ~ Lopez Take a walk off the beaten path and into the woods of some FUS members’ lived experience, in a unique Assembly that brings you the fellowship, comfort and awe felt by our writing group these past three years.

On Growth and the Harvest

Even as we contemplate the dog days of summer, Lammas reminds us that the wheel of the year inexorably turns toward harvest. Metaphors abound!

Spirituality Practice 101: Practice, Practice, Practice

Meditation, prayer, aligning your chakras…what is spirituality? Is it all about incense, chanting and rituals? Can I be a spiritual humanist or atheist? Join us to examine the basics of spirituality and the value of having spiritual practice in our lives. A talk from Rev. Laura Thompson. Rev. Laura Thompson was a part-time intern at FUS in 2013-14. She currently… Read More »Spirituality Practice 101: Practice, Practice, Practice

Hometown Values & Visions

Explore where Minnesotans are engaging the evolution of collective oneness. A talk from FUS member, and Minnesota Women’s Press owner/editor, Mikki Morrissette.

Whose Independence Day?

American history is messy. So is present day America. In that light, how do we make sense of the annual celebration of our nation’s founding? With Ministerial Intern David Buckley.