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Active Voices Updates

Community Newspapers Build Connections

Community newspapers have been disappearing as print ads and subscriptions collapse.  The U.S. has witnessed the demise of over 2,500 local papers since 2005, and that has resulted in “news deserts”. Research shows that without local newspapers, voter turnout in local elections and other forms of civic participation decline.  Without local journalist watchdogs, local governments’ corruption increases. Without a reliable source of local information, residents turn… Read More »Community Newspapers Build Connections

Learn the Truth about Indian Boarding Schools

Legislation creating the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies (SF1723) will be voted upon in the upcoming Senate session. From the late 1870s to the 1960s, the U.S. Government collaborated with Christian churches to remove native children from their homes in order “to civilize them” away from the influences of their families. Schools operated under the motto… Read More »Learn the Truth about Indian Boarding Schools

Save Our Water

The city of Elko New Market is rushing through plans for California-based Niagara Bottling to build a factory in Elko New Market, with the intent to sell 310 million gallons each year of groundwater from the Prairie du Chien Jordan aquifer, all in single use plastic bottles. Before an amendment to the Elko New Market water appropriation permit is granted,… Read More »Save Our Water

Thank You, Minnesota Lawmakers!

Message: THANK YOU for legislation to: improve education help the environment protect and expand human rights improve public safety Thank you for this and all of your work for the common good. Please contact: Minnesota State Representatives – DON’T KNOW YOUR REP? Look her/him/them up here: Minnesota State Senators – DON’T KNOW YOUR SENATOR? Look her/him/them up here: Minnesota Speaker… Read More »Thank You, Minnesota Lawmakers!

Support the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund

The Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) plays a critical role in addressing emerging challenges to our natural resources. This funding supports crucial projects across our state that enhance outdoor recreation, support agriculture, create environmental equity, and protect habitats critical to wildlife. It is vital that we renew the constitutional dedication of a portion of lottery funds to the… Read More »Support the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund

Support Provisions for Gun Safety

The judiciary and public safety budget bill being finalized by a bicameral committee of lawmakers includes a provision for expanded background checks and a red flag law. The background check provision would require a permit-to-purchase or a valid permit-to-carry in order to receive a pistol or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon. Under the red flag law, family members or law enforcement… Read More »Support Provisions for Gun Safety

Let’s Join the National Popular Vote Interstate Agreement

In two of the past six presidential elections, the candidate who won the most popular votes lost the election. Currently, most states use a “winner takes all” approach and award all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the most votes in their state regardless of the overall vote across the country. Given this, candidates tend to focus on… Read More »Let’s Join the National Popular Vote Interstate Agreement

Support Our Pollinators

Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides used widely on farms and in urban landscapes. They can persist in soil for months or years after a single application. Neonicotinoids are absorbed by plants and can be present in pollen and nectar, making them toxic to bees.  A current bill in the Minnesota Legislature (HF2805 and SF1915) would ban the sale, possession, or use… Read More »Support Our Pollinators

Defend Reproductive Freedom

The Reproductive Freedom Defense Act HF366/SF165 would enact strong protections for anyone in Minnesota seeking abortion care as well as the providers who care for them – safeguarding all from prosecution under laws aimed at imposing other states’ restrictions on Minnesotans. HF366 has already passed in the Minnesota House. The Minnesota Senate needs to pass SF165. Message: Please support the… Read More »Defend Reproductive Freedom