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David’s manuscript on humanist liturgy is available here: “Congregating for Secular People: Theory and Practice”

On the True Self

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It’s clear, from a scientific viewpoint, that there is no such thing as a true self; yet, in our folk psychology, the self looms large, especially the “true” one, whatever that is.

a galaxy


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Over the years, we have been called freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, secularists, heretics, infidels, naturalists, and I’m sure I’m leaving out a few.

I sometimes facetiously say that our movement should be called Everything-ism. That term comes with its own challenges, no doubt. I do want to make a case for a new term: Kosmocentrism.

Defining Liberalism, part two

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So. What is liberalism? The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us this: Latin liberalis “noble, gracious, munificent, generous,” literally “of freedom, pertaining to or befitting a free person,” from liber “free, unrestricted, unimpeded; unbridled, unchecked, licentious.” mid-14c., “generous,” also “nobly born, noble, free;” from late 14c. as “selfless, magnanimous, admirable.” Liberal was used 16c.-17c. as a term of reproach with the… Read More »Defining Liberalism, part two

Ocre cave painting depicting human figures and animals

Painting the Walls

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Suppose for a moment that every human being is an artist. For the sake of argument, let’s be specific — a visual artist painting on a cave wall, as our human ancestors did forty and fifty thousand years ago.