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David’s manuscript on humanist liturgy is available here: “Congregating for Secular People: Theory and Practice”


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Belief. It’s one of the most beautiful of human emotions; it’s one of the most evil of human emotions. It’s one of the most complex of human emotions.  It’s one of those foundational words in the vocabulary of English. I “believe” that the sun will rise tomorrow. I believe that the earth is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. I… Read More »Unbelievers

Selling at the Marketplace of Ideas

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The Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius proposed a rather large educational enterprise when he wrote, “We exist for the sake of one another. Teach them, then, or accept them as they are” (Bk 8:59). I wish this were not the wisdom of the ages, but experience indicates that it is: teach people the way of tolerance and pro-sociality, or deal with… Read More »Selling at the Marketplace of Ideas

Skepticism and the Drowning

Our inherent human moral imagination tells us that saving the drowning is a moral good. To choose to ignore this intuition takes . . . well, value judgments.