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Varieties of Naturalism

FUS University: Varieties of Naturalism When it comes to philosophies of life, chances are, if you’re an FUS humanist, you’re a naturalist: someone focused on the knowable realities of this world. Join Dr. Wheeler for a look at the different varieties of naturalism and the life-orientations they make possible, with a focus on key thinkers. …

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FORUM: A Partner’s Perspective on Transgender Love

Ali Sands speaking

Syncretism and Hybridity: How Religions Get Made

#syncretism FUS University Presents: “Syncretism and Hybridity: How Religions Get Made” with Rev. Dr. David Breeden. Like many congregations, FUS draws on a variety of traditions for its philosophies and rituals. Join Rev. David as he considers the long history of mixing religious practices to meet the human needs of the moment.

Overcoming Racial Inequality in Progressive Spaces

“Overcoming Racial Inequality in Progressive Spaces” with Christopher D. Sims. Humanists and Unitarian Universalists hope to see—really see—the arc of the universe bend towards justice. How is this happening within our movements, and what might we do to truly achieve racial equity? Join us as we welcome Christopher D. Sims, a humanist UU poet based …

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Cuba’s Health Care, Firsthand

Special presentation: “Cuba’s Health Care, Firsthand,” with Dr. Peter D’Ascoli. How do we gauge a nation’s health? The political will to invest in excellence? The degree of high-tech capacity and advances in cutting-edge applications? The system’s availability, equity, and outcomes? Here is an American’s view of Cuban Heath Care 60 years after the “Triumph of …

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FUS University presents “Ancient Wisdom: The Enduring Influence of Zoroaster”

Speaker: Wendy Jerome September 22, 2019 The founder of Zoroastrianism was a religious reformer who lived more than 3,000 years ago in Persia. His ideas live on in today’s Christianity and Judaism. Come learn from Rev. Wendy, one of our in-house world religions experts and a lifelong member of FUS.

FUS University presents “Anxiety Is Your Friend: A Closer Look at Kierkegaard”

Speaker: Dr. David Breeden September 8, 2019 FUS University presents “Anxiety Is Your Friend: A Closer Look at Kierkegaard,” with Rev. Dr. David Breeden. The ideas of Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard are often portrayed as a very depressing read, but his take on anxiety and despair is in fact very positive and life-affirming.

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The Liberal Lens

Speakers: Rev. David Breeden & Jé Hooper Humanism and liberal politics have historically gone hand-in-hand. But the liberalism of the early-twentieth century is not the liberalism of today. What accounts for this change and where is it going next?

Forum: David Warnock

Speaker: Dave Warnock Sunday, July 14th, 2019 Dave Warnock is a former evangelical pastor in the Foursquare Church (, now a Humanist, and a lover of life. Dave has been diagnosed with ALS—Lou Gehrig’s Disease—for which there is no treatment, and life expectancy is between three and five years. In response to his diagnosis, a …

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Forum: Center for Victims of Torture

Speaker: Curt Goering Sunday, May 5th 2019 Amid a global migrant crisis and rising authoritarianism, the Center for Victims of Torture maintains a strong voice for human rights and works to heal lives devastated by torture. As executive director of CVT, Mr. Goering oversees an international staff with offices in the Twin Cities, Washington, D.C. …

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Forum: Understanding the Non Religious

Speaker: Chris Stedman and Evan Stewart Sunday, April 28th 2019 In order to better understand the growing nonreligious population, FUS has been supporting efforts to survey the perspectives and practices of the religiously unaffiliated. Come hear how this project came to be and how it might lead to the establishment of a Humanist Center in …

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Forum: The New Era of Climate Action

Brett Benson, Speaker

Forum: Urban American Indians 201

Dr. Joe Hobot, speaker

Forum: Urban American Indians 101

Dr. Joe Hobot, speaker

Forum: The Dignity of Labor: Workers’ Rights from 1968 to Today

Dr. William P. Jones, speaker

Forum: Populism and the LGBTQ Community

Speaker: Dr. Wally Swan

Forum: Where Do You Get Your Morals?

Speaker: Phil Zuckerman

FORUM: Who Funds Charter Schools and Who Benefits?

Rob Levine, speaker

FORUM: Public Education: Promise and Potential

Speaker: Sarah Lahm

FORUM: Examining the Minnesota Sex Offender Program

Speaker: Prof. Eric Janus