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Sunday Assembly

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis Sunday Assembly.

Revolutionary Mothering: Congregations, Hope & Nuturing

Times are greatly changing and congregational practice is declining as generations are evolving. What is the church called to do? What is the mission and focus of this social and spiritual beacon? Together we will unpack some congregational considerations to engage transformation that may enhance the life force of our communities, and helps us build toward a better future.

Pluralism is Not Assimilation

The old melting pot metaphor for the US still has some “resistance is futile” power to it. We all must, however, resist. A talk from Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

The Ethical Imperative of Pluralism

The nature of US society tends naturally toward pluralism. However, our stand on pluralism must go way beyond tolerance of “the other.” In US law, individuals have rights. Group rights, however, have proven problematic. A talk from Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

E² and FUS: What is Education For?

This year we saw our UUA Religious Education program evolve into Ethical Explorers (aka E²) under the facilitation of Rev. Jé, our Minister of Lifelong Education and Community. This program has sought to elevate the First Unitarian Society Humanist’s values and congregational momentum  by ushering a new approach to aiding our youth in forming their moral compass and courageous.