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Sunday Assembly

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis Sunday Assembly.

Getting All Meta About It

Both Unitarian Universalism and Humanism are products of the nineteenth century idea that all religions come from a common source–perhaps a god, perhaps the human mind. There is a dark side to this conviction.  Text of Talk (PDF): Getting All Meta About It

Seedbeds and Worms (Buddhas and Flies)

The great Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa wrote, “Where there are humans / You’ll find flies / And Buddhas.” Our theme for the month of May is Nurturing Beauty. Who doesn’t love beauty, but too often the nurturing part gets onerous.  Text of Talk (PDF): Seedbeds and Worms (Buddhas and Flies)

Waking and Waking Again

One of the devices the great Octavia Butler uses in her fiction is awakening. A character awakes to an unexplainable new reality only to discover that it is like the old reality. Butler uses this device to discuss the Black experience in America and so much more.  Text of Talk (PDF): Waking and Waking Again

Wake, Woke, Enlightened

It appears that ranking things comes naturally. Good. Better. Best. When learning a language, words for ranking are some of the first we learn. Ranking, however, artificially creates a better than rather than a different from.  Text of Talk (PDF): Wake, Woke, Enlightened

Time is the Trickster

During the pandemic many have felt a strange sense of time. Faster? Slower? Usually both. Our perceptions of time are not merely an annoyance. The perception of time is a key to how consciousness works. A talk from David Breeden Text of talk (PDF): Time is the Trickster