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Sunday Assembly

First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis Sunday Assembly.

The Black Treasure of Teaching

Did you know that Loveworks Academy, the charter school housed at FUS, is one of only five black-led and black-taught school in Minnesota? For Black History Month, let’s celebrate this treasure and look to how Loveworks Academy is shaping the future in Minnesota.

Community is the Gift of Equity and Justice

A Conversation with Lena K. Gardner of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism. When we expand our thinking about who is in our movement, we see what was there all along. Ms. Gardner and Rev. Kelli will explore BLUU and why it matters to all of us.

Reflecting On Imbolc

February 2 is well-known in our culture as Groundhog’s Day, but the significance of that date goes back considerably further than a tradition involving wildlife in Pennsylvania. The midpoint of astrological winter, this time has been referred to as Imbolc, Candlemas, and more. It is often a time of looking ahead to what is on, or maybe even just beyond,… Read More »Reflecting On Imbolc

Living Into Responsibility

For our Intergenerational Assembly Rev. Dr. David Breeden discusses the ethical considerations of what we owe future generations in terms of a livable planet. Challenging the Western-centric narratives in climate action and embracing indigenous knowledge. Symmachus once said, “To think highly of one’s ancestors is good, to think highly of one’s descendants even better.”

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Join Revs. Kelli, Jé, and David plus special guests for an MLK Weekend roundtable on our theme for January: Liberation. Where are we? Are we fulfilling our obligations to future generations?

The Mystical Moment

According to a Pew Research Center study, 49% of Americans report having at least one mystical experience. What does having one mean? Do personal mystical experiences positively affect society? A talk from Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

A Light in the Darkness: Evolution, Mystery and Hope

Throughout recorded history humans have sought hope and inspiration amidst the inscrutable forces beyond their control – especially at this time of the year. Where do Humanists look to find hope in dark times? A talk from Ministerial Intern David Buckley.

What Does That Look Like to You

Our theme for the month of December is mystery. From shadowy characters in drama to ambiguous shapes in art, the human mind loves mystery. And solving it.