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Protect Our Water

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Increasingly, Minnesota is being asked to turn control of our water supply to large corporations that seek to develop mining operations that would impact the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior or to draw heavily from our aquifer to fill bottles of water that would be shipped and sold across our nation. Yet our state has no comprehensive water study that… Read More »Protect Our Water

Yellow Dog Doubters

We know about the party faithful who would vote for a yellow dog before voting for the other party. How about joining the party that takes a good, long look at that yellow dog? And, no, I’m not talking about politics. A talk from Rev. Dr. David Breeden.

An Obvious Observation (or: Whatever Happened to Calvinism?)

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An Obvious Observation (or: Whatever Happened to Calvinism?) It’s obvious, but I forget: religion and philosophy are about self-improvement. Nowhere is this more apparent than in what happened to Calvinism in the United States. What? Yes, that Calvin. And that Arminius. No, I’m not one of those who thinks that the United States was in any way a “Christian” nation in the beginning, though… Read More »An Obvious Observation (or: Whatever Happened to Calvinism?)

Broader Horizons 

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The Taoist Zhuangzi (4th century BCE) told this tale: Once there was a frog that lived in a deep, narrow well. He had never seen anything else. One day, a sea turtle came upon the well and shouted down the deep, narrow hole: “Hello! Anybody down there?” “Yes,” said the frog. “Come on down for a visit and see the… Read More »Broader Horizons 

It’s Called Application . . . or is it Integration?

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I ran into this online the other day; the title of the article fairly well says it all: “New study links intrinsic religious motivation to higher-level patterns of thought.” The article says: “The main takeaway from this study is that people who are motivated to pursue religion or spirituality and integrate it fully into their life while finding it contributing… Read More »It’s Called Application . . . or is it Integration?

Get Your Narthex On Out of Here

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That the character of Jesus is a Rorschach test of one’s personal politics should perhaps give us pause, but such is the nature of American Christianity.