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Justly Return Land to White Earth Nation

Two bills, HF4304 and SF3480, provide for the transfer of approximately 155,000 acres of state-owned land that lies within what is now the White Earth State Forest to the White Earth Nation. All of the land proposed for transfer lies within the original boundaries of the White Earth Reservation established by treaty in 1867. Like most tribes in the country, White… Read More »Justly Return Land to White Earth Nation

Protect Minnesota Ratepayers

The Ratepayers Protection Act SF4426/HF4292 will ensure that Minnesota utility customers are not paying for costs associated with utilities’ political influence activities, including lobbying, membership in industry trade associations that advocate for utility interests, and marketing initiatives or event sponsorships. It includes expanded disclosures to ensure transparency, and enforcement mechanisms to encourage compliance. Message:  Please support the Ratepayers Protection Act… Read More »Protect Minnesota Ratepayers

Reduce Packaging

The Minnesota legislature is about to consider the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Bill. It is considered a strong bill for the following reasons: 1) It reduces single-use packaging by 50% over 10 years. 2) It rejects so-called chemical recycling from counting as recycling. 3) It eliminates a shift to plastic packaging labled as compostable. 4) It holds companies that make… Read More »Reduce Packaging

Support End-of-Life Options

Initially introduced nine years ago, the Minnesota End–of-Life Option Act (HF 1930/SF 1813) is again before our State Legislature. This action followed a House Hearing on January 24 providing opportunity for heartfelt emotional testimony, pro and con. Patterned after Oregon’s ground-breaking Death with Dignity of 25 years ago, the legislation applies only to competent adults, 18 years or older, who… Read More »Support End-of-Life Options

Protect Minnesota’s Water

News from last year exposed concerning issues with the common theme of polluting and corporate industries exercising too much control over the decisions our public agencies make. Examples include: A judge found that PolyMet’s proposed permit to mine, previously approved by the Department of Natural Resources, would violate Minnesota’s law. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture administers a program of farm… Read More »Protect Minnesota’s Water

Support the PUPP Act

The bipartisan Providing for Unhoused People with Pets (PUPP) Act of 2023 (H.R. 3957) aims to address the intersecting issues of homelessness and animal welfare by supporting the adoption of pet-friendly policies in homeless services. The act authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture, in consultation with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to make grants to modify and upgrade structures… Read More »Support the PUPP Act

Heart, Hands, and the Headless Humanist Horseman

Long before the term “humanist” became part of the FUS story, the congregation had pledged itself to being humane. Our theme for October is heritage, and I will give a three-part talk on the past and future of FUS. According to the Articles of Incorporation (1881), the purpose of FUS is: to form an Association where people without regard to… Read More »Heart, Hands, and the Headless Humanist Horseman

Oppose The EATS Act

A group of Congressional lawmakers are pushing to include the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act as part of the 2023 Farm Bill. The legislation, known as The EATS Act, could have serious implications for animal welfare and cascading effects on farmer well-being, worker safety, the spread of zoonoses, and pollution. The EATS Act will nullify any state laws impacting agriculture… Read More »Oppose The EATS Act

Learn the Truth about Indian Boarding Schools

Legislation creating the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies (SF1723) will be voted upon in the upcoming Senate session. From the late 1870s to the 1960s, the U.S. Government collaborated with Christian churches to remove native children from their homes in order “to civilize them” away from the influences of their families. Schools operated under the motto… Read More »Learn the Truth about Indian Boarding Schools