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Coffeehouse Cabaret

Saturday, October 28th


900 Mt. Curve Avenue, Minneapolis 

Lower Assembly Hall 

If you are interested in attending: 

Admission is free! Getting your Just Desserts will actually be a good thing with kitchen guru Dave Leussler serving them up, for which voluntary donations would be appreciated. Coffee (of course) will be available, but you may bring your own adult beverages if you prefer.  

Our very own George Greene will preside as the Master of Ceremonies! 

If you are interested in performing: 

We will schedule as many participants as time allows, but there will be a limit so please complete the sign-up form soon. The deadline for signing up is Monday, October 16th. Priority will be given to those who were not on the program last March. 

You may sign up to share a song, instrumental music, a poetry reading, or other talents. Each participant is expected to limit their on-stage time to five minutes. That must include any introductory remarks, so please rehearse everything in advance. Music Director Mike Vasich will be available to accompany on piano.  

To sign up, please complete the following online form.


Please email event coordinator Paul Riedesel or talk with him or Music Director Mike Vasich.