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We gather and connect in Beloved Community. Our goal is agape love: a spontaneous, unmotivated, and creative love that unreservedly celebrates the worth and dignity of every person.

First Unitarian Society is, above all else, a community. Our aspirations call us to live in joyful, ethical relationships, and to support each other’s journeys toward meaning and connection. And our many types of community programming reflect those goals. Click on the links to learn more about how we serve, connect, and have fun!

Finding community

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Find documents, forms, and ways to connect!

Congregational care

Our humanist values call us to care for our fellow human beings, and FUS members serve and support each other in many ways.

Social activities

Social groups are a great way to meet people in a larger congregation, and many of these are initiated by our members.


Our congregation is powered by volunteers who do everything from serving in leadership roles to baking cinnamon rolls, from raising funds to raising the flowers on our beautiful property.

Young Adult Activities at the Society (YAAAS)

YAAAS helps members and newcomers in their 20s to mid-30s get connected to FUS and each other. Activities include social outings, game nights, reflection circles, book discussions, and more.


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