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Congregational care

Our humanist values call us to care for our fellow human beings, and FUS members serve and support each other in many ways.

Sharing our joys and sorrows

During our Sunday assemblies, we take a quiet moment to acknowledge the rites of passage, major challenges, and life milestones of the Society’s members. If you have a joy or sorrow that you are comfortable sharing during in-person and livestreamed assembly, please send the item to , which forwards to the ministers and select volunteers.

Caring groups and resources

Caring Team

Volunteers on the Caring Team help support FUS members facing personal issues such as health concerns, grief, or practical needs.

Mental Health Awareness Team

The mission of the MHAT is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide support through education, advocacy, and community to those whose lives have been touched by mental health challenges.

Dementia Caregivers group

Under the auspices of the Alzheimer’s Association, the Society hosts a Caregivers’ Support Group. This is open to FUS members and to the public.

Grief group and grief resources

FUS offers a monthly grief group in which participants can talk about whom they’ve lost and how they’re experiencing grief in their daily lives, in a nonjudgmental environment of care, listening, and mutual support.

Right Relations Team

The Right Relations Team’s goal is to help the parties to a conflict or perceived conflict engage in an open, loving, and respectful interaction that brings them closer to right relations and fosters personal growth.


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