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Men’s Support Group

The FUS Men’s Support Group is a regular group of folks who identify male that gather monthly for support and sharing. Through facilitated discussion we engage our feelings, witness each other’s lives, and share our own life experiences to offer support. We do our best to avoid falling into traditional male habits of “fixing things” or giving advice during these group sessions. Rather, we attempt to keep the question “how do I feel?” front and center when sharing.

Discussions are led by facilitators who have experience in guiding similar groups at the Twin Cities Men’s Center. They follow a tried-and-true support group format of: check-in, individual sharing, and check-out. This allows each person a chance to seek the amount of time they might need on a particular day, and the group may adjust to those needs. 

Participants often find that these simple acts of sharing and support have helped them to better navigate the world. This is true for people who have dropped in for a session or two, as well as for those with decades of involvement.

When we meet

Second Sundays from noon to 1 p.m.

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