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The Big Read (book reading group)

The Big Read at FUS has been meeting since 2014.

The format is to pick a” big book”. That is; it is generally long, with lots of content, nonfiction.

It turns out to be something of a self-education effort in discussion with knowledgeable people.

The discussions are directed by a group of questions or stimulating statements taken from the current reading.

The readings are 50 to 100 pages of the chosen book each month.

Prior books

  • The Tyranny of Meritocracy
  • The Lies That Bind
  • The People, NO
  • The Better Angels of Our Nature
  • Sapiens
  • Enlightenment Now

When we meet

We meet once a month, now on the third Tuesday barring conflicts. And now via Zoom.

We gather at 6:45 p.m. at home in front of our computers with our individual choices of beverage.

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