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Online Media and Tech Team

The Online Media/Tech Team sustains and fosters community by promoting a free search for truth, meaning, and justice for First Unitarian Society members and friends and in the wider Unitarian Universalist and secular worlds.

The team handles all media production, including video and audio production, website maintenance, and social media. Anyone with an interest in video editing, audio engineering, website upkeep, graphic design, or project management is welcome to join. No experience necessary.

Video and audio production

Pre-production, production, and post-production of livestreams, podcasts, and pre-recorded content using professional level software and hardware. You will get the opportunity to learn how to operate a digital audio mixer while mixing live speakers and musicians, as well as run live cameras and editing live video. Experience with all the above is helpful but not required. All that is required is a desire to contribute and learn. 

Website management

Monitor the website for problems (broken links etc). Work with other teams to make requested changes such as creating or updating event registration forms, pages, and menus. Deal with any emails addressed to “webmaster”. Train assistants in performing routine maintenance. Train new editors and content authors in technical aspects of page editing and blog posting.

Social media

The social media team helps design and post graphics and captioned videos for our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Specific tasks include:

  • Create content in accordance with our social media priorities: the Society’s mission and values, our history, our social justice commitments, invitations for involvement and live events, evergreen topics.
  • Post content produced by other volunteers and originating from our coalition partners. 
  • Manage a calendar for scheduling content posting to maintain desired frequency and balance type of content.
  • Create captioned excerpts from recorded Sunday Assembly Talks.
  • Produce graphics from various sources, as provided: quotes from Sunday Assembly Talks, material for FUS work groups/clubs/committees, announcements of special events.
  • Assist First Unitarian Society groups to become familiar with the tools and guidelines to create their own content.


  • Jacob Mullis

When we meet

While most of our work is done asynchronously, the Online Media and Tech Team meets virtually every two weeks on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Join us

Volunteer for the Online Media and Tech Team

Jacob Mullis, Media Content Coordinator