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Religious Explorers assistants

At FUS, we build our Religious Education (RE) program on the belief that there are no “other people’s children”. Our Religious Education program is run on a cooperative model, supported by the congregational community. This means that parents and guardians who register their children in RE are required to volunteer with the program. It also means that other congregants who do not have children within the program, are also participating as volunteers in RE to help keep our program multigenerational and build relationships across our beloved community.

We rely on a supported team-based structure for RE. As a volunteer, you will be supported with class session plans and all necessary materials provided to you, and you’ll be on a grade-level team of folks so you get to know the youth in your group and each other. Each time class meets, you’ll be paired with another person from your team to work together. This structure provides you with a community within our community – a place to make lasting friends and have fellowship. And for many of our volunteers, a chance to learn deeply about what Humanist Unitarian Universalism really means.

 Volunteering to teach in RE generally requires that you:

  • Sign up for dates that work for your schedule (You’ll get access to the Sign Up Genius page following completion of background check and grade-level assignment).
  • Arrive at the building by 10:15 a.m.
  • Connect with your co-teacher(s) as needed to divide up responsibilities for the session plan activities.
  • Coordinate with your co-teacher to pick up your grade level sign from the classroom.
  • Start in Assembly, meet your group in the lobby after they are sung out and lead them to their classroom.
  • Contact other teachers from your grade-level cohort to fill in for you should you be unable to attend a date you’ve signed up for.
  • Strike a loving balance between following the session plan and prioritizing positive relationship with the children (but when in doubt, prioritize the relationship!).
  • Stop worrying about being an expert before you give it a try!


Prior to volunteering in RE you will need to also complete the Volunteering Ethics Statement, satisfactorily complete a background check (at no cost to you) and provide evidence of completed COVID vaccination.

Following your submission of the form, the Director of Religious Education will contact you to discuss your interest areas, match you with the current needs of the program and send you the necessary paperwork to sign on as a volunteer with the RE Program.

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Smiling woman with short brown hair wearing a necklace and a dark cardigan over light shirt.
Allison Wyeth, Director of Religious Education