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Retreat to the Woods 2023 – Sept. 29 – Oct. 1

General Information

Join us at beautiful Baker Outdoor Learning Center in Medina, Minnesota, for a weekend of fellowship, relaxation, and renewal. You will enjoy food, hiking and biking trails, canoeing, nearby lakes, and a few interesting and varied workshops in a quiet and protected setting surrounded by 3,300 acres of marshes, meadows, and mature forest. The settlement is about 30 minutes west of Minneapolis.

The site has a tenting area and eight log cabins. Each cabin has a wood-burning stove and 8 bunk beds with mattresses. There are modern composting toilet facilities and a shower facility near the cabins, as well as full restrooms at the main lodge.

The retreat is an all volunteer communal endeavor for and by members of FUS and friends. It is essential that all attendees (13 and older) contribute to its success by committing to a task. Tasks range from 15-60 minutes in duration. In this way we can all enjoy working, relaxing, and communing with one another and nature.


  1. If you have had cold or flu like symptoms we ask that you take a Covid test 72 hours before the Sept 29 start date, For the health of all attendees we ask that if you test positive and/or have symptoms please do not come to the retreat.
  2. Masks are optional at the Retreat in accordance with current practices at FUS..
  3. Cabin and Lodge windows should be open during the Retreat as much as the weathercurrent permits. This may require extra use of the fireplaces for heating since fall temperatures typically drop in the evening. Make sure to pack warm clothes to accommodate the open window policy. Make sure your cabin has enough wood prior to retiring for the evening. We ask that participants assist in keeping the Lodge fire going as needed to compensate for the extra ventilation due to Covid 19. Please do not close the windows unless absolutely necessary (temperature below 50 degrees fahrenheit, high winds or rain entering the building).
  4. Please make sure to wash hands thoroughly before each meal and if helping prepare meals