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Seasonal celebrations

At First Unitarian Society we celebrate the cycle of the seasons:  the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumnal equinox, the winter solstice.  Seasonal celebrations are ancient cultural phenomena that help define a community and shape our lives as individuals. They reflect our understanding of the world and through them we affirm our values and bring meaning to our lives.

We celebrate the changing seasons through inter-generational, participatory events incorporating music, poetry, theatrics, dance, reflection, food, and festivity. Various traditions from our agrarian past are re-cast to create holiday celebrations with modern sensibilities.

Team members plan, recruit others, and participate in all aspects of each seasonal event. First Unitarian Society attendees can join the Seasonal Celebrations Team with our monthly meetings. People can attend regularly to aid in planning events or volunteer sporadically as they are able for one particular event to help behind the scenes or participate as a performer.  Whether a regular part of the Team or a sporadic volunteer, First Unitarian Society attendees contribute their skills to help with one or more aspects of the festivities (e.g. food, costumes, promo, music, reader, etc.). The Seasonal Celebrations Team is a fun and meaningful way to be engaged with the First Unitarian Society.


  • Sharing the Bounty of the Harvest Season 

    By Karen Rowehl  The Autumnal Equinox – known as “Mabon” to the ancients – is the second of three harvest festivals in the pagan “wheel of the year.”  At this peak of the harvest time, we are called to share the ripeness and bounty of the season.  Our Fall Food Drive honors this tradition!  On… Read…

  • What is the Best Season, and Why is it Fall?

    As summer closes in a blaze of (record!) heat and humidity, I look forward to my favorite season: Autumn! Every year I relish in the cooler temperatures and seeing the sun rise as I walk the dog. I was a leaf-pile jumper and a connoisseur of red windbreakers even as a child, and I’ve kept… Read…

  • Summer Solstice Celebration – Saturday June 17th

    What’s the best thing about summer in Minnesota? Some might  say it’s the warm days, some might say it’s taking long weekends, some might say it’s visiting our numerous lakes. (Nobody says it’s the humidity or mosquitos.) But everyone enjoys the long days. And in Minnesota those days are long! Join us to celebrate the longest day of the year with… Read…


Dates for the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumnal equinox, the winter solstice, and Lammas change yearly.

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