Jé Hooper, Affiliated Humanist Clergy

Jé (they/they) was adopted into the FUS family in May 2020, after the completion of their summer internship. Jé is an performative preacher, producer and provocator of Humanism. Exemplifying a commitment to equity and inclusion within our movement, Jé works use performance-based practices to decolonize Humanist lectures and conventions of Intellectual Thought.

With a love for orality, Black folx-talk becomes their contribution to humanist rhetoric — one of imagination as meaning-making. Their most recent production, Keep Liv’n, expresses the importance of cultural care and self-care. To witness Jé’s is to experience an unapologetic site of human freedom and interconnectedness that is deeply embodied, visceral, creative, and radical.

These kinds of transdisciplinary approaches console and agitate communities in re-imagining and re-claiming narratives that honor the inherited worth and dignity within all people– a love-work that Jé is committed to!

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