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Community Newspapers Build Connections

Community newspapers have been disappearing as print ads and subscriptions collapse.  The U.S. has witnessed the demise of over 2,500 local papers since 2005, and that has resulted in “news deserts”. Research shows that without local newspapers, voter turnout in local elections and other forms of civic participation decline.  Without local journalist watchdogs, local governments’ corruption increases. Without a reliable source of local information, residents turn to national news and social media that present more partisan information or even disinformation.  A bi-partisan bill, HR4756, would offer payroll tax credits for local papers to hire reporters and tax credits for small businesses that advertise in the local news organizations not funded or owned by PACs. 

Message: Small community newspapers remind us of what we have in common. They provide us with important information about our local community and increase civic participation. Please support the Community News and Small Business Support Act (HR 4756).

Please contact your U.S. Representative:

U.S. Rep. BRAD FINSTAD (1st Congressional District) – 202-225-2472 or to submit email

U.S. Rep. ANGIE CRAIG (2nd Congressional District) – 651-846-2120 (Burnsville), 202-225-2271 (Washington) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. DEAN PHILLIPS (3rd Congressional District) – 952-656-5176 (Minnetonka), 202-225-6351(Washington) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. BETTY MCCOLLUM (4th Congressional District) – 651-224-9191 (St.Paul), 202-225-6631 (Washington) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. ILHAN OMAR (5th Congressional District) – 612-333-1272 (Minneapolis), 202-225-4755 (Washington) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. TOM EMMER (6th Congressional District) – 763-241-6847 (Otsego), 202-225-2331 (Washington) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. MICHELLE FISCHBACH (7th Congressional District) – 202-225-2165 (DC) or to submit email

U.S. Rep. PETE STAUBER (8th Congressional District) – 218-355-0862 (Brainerd) or to submit email

Is your organization looking for a four-up post card template? Print this on 8.5″ x 11″ post card-weight paper.

ACTIVE VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE! Active Voices continues to identify important issues and construct brief messages complete with email and phone numbers for FUS members and anyone to use to contact elected representatives and other designated recipients. This is your chance to continue to help make a positive difference in our world in a way that works best for you. We appreciate your voice!

We ask you to call or email with the message above. If you choose, feel free to edit the message to put it in your own words.

Your Active Voices Team:

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