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Our Goal: Good Trouble

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

With a tradition of activism in our democratic society, FUS will be joining the national UUtheVote campaign to become a Good Trouble Congregation.  We hope that everyone will get engaged ASAP in activities to VOTE LOVE, and DEFEAT HATE by encouraging citizens to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections. We know there is much at stake, and we need broad participation.

You can get started yourself on the following websites:

  • (a non-partisan letter writing program to encourage people to vote)
  • (a non-partisan organization led by people of color to encourage under-represented people to engage in democracy; postcard writing and phone calling)
  • (the Progressive Turnout Project has opportunities for postcard writing and phone calling)

We will be holding at-least monthly letter/postcard writing events at FUS on Sundays and other events at members’ homes. Check back here for updates and events.

We hope you will also:

  • door knock for local/state candidates of your choice, 
  • have conversations with candidates to clarify their support of issues such as abortion, LBGTQ+ issues, environmental justice
  • participate in voter registration efforts, 
  • make financial contributions to candidates of your choice

PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF ALL YOUR EFFORTS (number of letters written, conversations with voters, people registered, etc) to share with us, so that we can become a Good Trouble Congregation!

For questions, contact Jenna Hutchinson, Erika Bovee or Anita Martinez.

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