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Fundraising goal exceeded!

June 16, 2023 – We’re excited to announce that our three congregations (FUS, DUUC, and MVUUF) have exceeded our fundraising goal. That goal was based on what we estimated necessary for our three beneficiary families to travel to the U.S. and transition to self-support. It’s hard to determine the total financial need for these three families so we’re still welcoming gifts. In addition, we will be soliciting donations of lightly used household furnishings and supplies to outfit their long-term housing needs. We expect our families may need a vehicle to get around, especially the family of five who will move into a rental duplex in August.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated to this effort, especially those who made challenge grants, the Dodd and Ginger Wilson Fund and two anonymous donors. This outstanding generosity demonstrates the power of our three congregations to work together to make change.

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