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Social justice

Protest sign reading "Justice, Love, Humanistyh, Compassion, Unite" with a drawing of a Black girl with puffs holding a heart. She is wearing a blue and yellow polka dot dress and red Mary Jane shoes.

“Don’t ask if we are safe. Ask if we are ready,” our former minister, Rev. David Breeden said in a talk. Our Social Justice program helps us be ready for the changes that are here and those that are coming. We join together in actions that are meaningful for our congregation, our community, and the world. 

If you want to connect more deeply to your humanity and to other Unitarian Universalists who are working for justice, your presence, energy, and passion are needed and welcome. 

Social justice programs

At FUS, congregants and staff work in five key areas to help bring about a more just and loving world:

Active Voices

Building community, engaging on issues, promoting advocacy. Read our latest advocacy efforts.

Align Engagement Team

Joining other congregations to address homelessness through our partner Align Minneapolis.

Climate Justice Team

Promoting environmental stewardship & a just transition to clean energy, in partnership with MNIPL, MN350, and Create Climate Justice.

Moving Toward Equity Team

Uncovering barriers to diversity, inclusion, and equity at FUS and beyond. Read our resource list. Learn more about the 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism.


  • Ensure Help for Children & Families

    Reporting child maltreatment to appropriate agencies is the first step to helping children and families get the help that they desperately need. Current bills in the Minnesota Legislature SF4037 and HF4793 make clear that the failure to report maltreatment of a child is a misdemeanor. A mandatory reporter who knows or has reason to believe…

  • Prevent Tragic Gun Deaths

    Minnesotans have seen and experienced the horror of needless gun killings of adults and children in the last few months. None of these tragic deaths would have happened if guns had not been in the hands of children or adults ineligible to possess a firearm. It is time to pass some simple common sense gun…

  • No Pipelines for Carbon

    Over 2,000 miles of C02 pipelines – proposed to be used for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) – are currently proposed across the midwest, traversing Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. It is claimed that they would carry carbon dioxide “captured” from ethanol plants and other industrial sites, but carbon capture and storage is…

Social justice video


The Social Justice Program at First Unitarian Society is robust, grounded in anti-racism, and open to new ideas and participation.  Congregants and staff work together across 5 key areas to help bring about a more just and loving world.

The Active Voices Team builds community, offers engagement on issues, and promotes advocacy from the local to the national level.

The FUS Align Engagement Team works with our partners at Align Minneapolis, a collaboration of downtown congregations that addresses homelessness in our city. We are accountable to people with a lived experience of homelessness.

The Climate Justice Team, working with other congregations and organizations, offers opportunities to learn about and promote environmental stewardship and a just transition to a clean energy future.

The Moving Toward Equity Team engages with our Board, congregants, and staff to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity in our congregation. We are committed to dismantling white supremacy culture and other oppressions in ourselves and in our communities.

And finally, in the fight for reproductive freedom and justice, First Unitarian Society is a founding member of UnRestrict Minnesota, a statewide community supported campaign to raise awareness about abortion restrictions in our state. FUS is a plaintiff in a lawsuit that challenges those mandates as unconstitutional.

Cornel West said, “Justice is what love looks like in public.” We are committed to making that love manifest through advocacy, education, service, and witness. There are dozens of ways for you to get engaged with these efforts, which we think both deepen and soften our humanity.  We’ve got lots of room for new ideas and new energy for change. Join us, won’t you?