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Active Voices

The Active Voices team works to create actionable messages on a variety of social justice topics. Our goal is to make it easy for community members to contact leadership at the local, state, and national levels and use our voices for action on important legislation. 

Active Voices members follow current events and issues and identify legislation affecting those issues. We create related postcards with concise messages directed to senators, representatives, and the executive branch among others. We encourage FUS Sunday congregants to sign postcards, and Active Voices members complete the work of stamping and mailing them. For those unable to sign a postcard in person, we post our messages online along with the contact information of the intended recipients.

We value our support of each other and always make time for social interaction. 

We value and desire the diverse perspectives of the young and old and all genders. All are welcome and encouraged to join.


  • Encourage Solar Energy Use

    To increase the use of residential solar energy systems, HF5171 and SF5271 will grant financial incentives to permitting authorities charged with the application approval process to utilize SolarAPP, a solar automated software system. This program is offered by the US Department of Energy free of charge. It will greatly simplify and streamline the approval time,…

  • Justly Return Land to White Earth Nation

    Two bills, HF4304 and SF3480, provide for the transfer of approximately 155,000 acres of state-owned land that lies within what is now the White Earth State Forest to the White Earth Nation. All of the land proposed for transfer lies within the original boundaries of the White Earth Reservation established by treaty in 1867. Like most…

  • Protect Minnesota Ratepayers

    The Ratepayers Protection Act SF4426/HF4292 will ensure that Minnesota utility customers are not paying for costs associated with utilities’ political influence activities, including lobbying, membership in industry trade associations that advocate for utility interests, and marketing initiatives or event sponsorships. It includes expanded disclosures to ensure transparency, and enforcement mechanisms to encourage compliance. Message:  Please…

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When we meet

Active Voices meets in person at FUS and via Zoom on most Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm with some members staying past that time to complete the work of producing and mailing postcards. We also staff a table to collect postcard signatures on Sundays following the service.

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Rev. Kelli Clement, Assistant Minister