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Leadership Interest Form

First Unitarian Society Nominations

Are you interested in being considered for a leadership position on the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, or Nominating Committee at First Unitarian Society? Or, do you know a member who is committed to FUS who you think we might might consider talking to about applying?

Wonderful! We would love to hear from you. We are seeking people available for the next program year 2023/2024, or within the next three years.

FUS is a democratically governed congregation. Its success depends, in part, on having a diverse group of committed members who bring a variety of skills, interests, and life circumstances to their work. The Nominations Committee is inviting interested members, in good standing, to express their interest for any of the following roles:  

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Together, the Trustees set strategic vision, are responsible for the financial health of FUS, oversee the Senior Minister, and ensure the well being of FUS. Trustees participate in monthly meetings and related work, and serve on a subcommittee and/or as Board liaison/representation to another FUS committee.

(There will be at least one opening for two-year terms beginning in program year 2023/2024. The Board is particularly seeking a member with budget development/monitoring/reporting skills.)

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To carry out FUS’ mission now and in the future, the Foundation accepts and solicits bequests and gifts from members and friends, manages multiple investments funds, and grants funding to numerous programs at FUS. Foundation Board members participate in monthly meetings and related work, and serve on a subcommittee.

(There will be at least one opening for three-year terms beginning in program year 2023/2024.  Additionally, we are seeking interested applicants for following program years.)

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Per the by-laws, the small Committee annually recruits and nominates for two-year terms a slate of candidates for the Board of Trustees for the congregation to consider and vote on at the annual meeting. The committee recommends to the Board of Trustees individuals to be considered to be selected by the Board of Trustees to the Foundation Board. And the Committee recruits and nominates for one-year terms a slate of candidates for the Nominating Committee for the congregation to vote on at the annual meeting. Committee members participate in monthly meetings, and outreach to members potential serving on one of the boards or Committee.

(There will be at least two openings for one-year terms serving program year 2023/2024.)

To learn more about these roles, we encourage you to talk to the chair of the Nominating Committee (currently Richard Seurer at  ) and/or other members who currently serve or who have recently served on these bodies. The FUS website identifies current members of the Board and Foundation. Other online resources include:

Role of the Trustees:
Role of the Foundation: