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The AV team at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis creates audio, and video of our Sunday Assemblies and Special Events. Additionally you can read written transcripts of the assembly talks as well as blog posts written by our Ministers.

Contact us if you have any questions about live streaming or recording an event that you will be holding in our building.

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“A Bridge Abandoned: Civil Rights Sixty Years On” w/ Rev. Kelli Clement
“Centered at FUS: The Convergence Survey Results” w/ Rev. Kelli Clement
“What We Can’t Say; What We Don’t Say; What Needs to Be Said” w/ Rev. Dr. David Breeden


Sunday Assembly Lectures

FUS Shorts

Blog Posts & Transcripts

Hygge Night

Saturday, February 11th, 6-9pm in the Chalice Room Hygge: coziness and comfortable conviviality, engendering feelings of contentment and well-being,…

A Bridge Abandoned: Civil Rights Sixty Years On

Rev. David reflects on the Downtown Senior Clergy Interfaith Civil Rights Pilgrimage. 2023-01-29_Talk_Bridge_AbandonedDownload

Protect Reproductive Rights

HF1/SF1, the Protect Reproductive Options Act, also known as the PRO Act, would codify every…

Protect Our Water

Increasingly, Minnesota is being asked to turn control of our water supply to large corporations…

Your Covenant with Nature

The central concept in Humanism is that human beings can solve human problems.

Centered at FUS: The Convergence Survey Results

Rev. Kelli Clement shares good news about the vibrancy of our congregation and wonders what…



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