Member Resources

This area provides resources and information that will be primarily of interest to Members of the Society, although visitors are certainly welcome as well.


  • Important documents relating to the congregation are available for downloading, though some require a password
  • Making donations or other payments through a secure online payment system
  • Our Trustees and other lay leaders
  • Our library  (in normal times, open on Sunday mornings with a selection of books to borrow, and more)
  • The First Unitarian bookstore sells books and other items of interest to Humanists and Unitarian Universalists (in normal times)
  • Our history and archives
  • Our online community (FUS Exchange email group)
  • The First Unitarian Foundation manages several endowed funds for the benefit of the Society and its programs.
  • The Aesthetics Team is charged with maintaining the aesthetic integrity of our beautiful facility.
  • Caring for Each Other is an important part of what we do through support groups, the sharing of joys and concerns and other outreach
  • The Right Relations Team for resolving issues between Members and/or Staff
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