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Aesthetics Team

In 2015, the Trustees established an Aesthetics Team to create a consistent look and feel for the building, and to be the source for consideration and decision making for aesthetic choices in shared spaces. A slate of members, including Society members with professional architecture, interior design, graphic design, textiles, and other talents was recruited, and this team was voted on and confirmed by the congregation at the May 2015 annual meeting.

The team’s objectives are to:

  • Think creatively about how our mission, purposes, values and strategic priorities can be expressed through building aesthetics.
  • Create and maintain an interior style guide defining colors and finishes for surfaces and furnishings throughout the building.
  • Provide guidance and decision making for the placement, rotation, and selection of permanent art in the building, as well as advice for art purchases.
  • Research, create and present options and proposals for room layouts, functional and visual interior designs, and changes in furnishings.
  • Collaborate with other groups and committees, especially the Building and Grounds Committee and  staff, but including all other committees, to support their projects.
  • Create processes to streamline communication and decision making regarding changes to the building, donations, or projects that impact the look and feel of the building.

New Donation Request Form
As part of our mission to maintain a cohesive interior feel, the Aesthetics Team has created a Donation Form for members and others who are considering donating pieces of art, furniture, plants or other home goods. The form should be filled out, submitted and be approved prior to bringing donated items to the Society.

Any questions? Send an email to the A-Team, to Tim Roehl or ask Tim Roehl in the office about our new donation process! The form may be downloaded here.

Members of the Aesthetics Team
Martha Hardesty
Deb Magnuson
Jeffry Magnuson
Sue Mansfield
Tim Roehl- staff liaison

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