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Caring for Each Other

Caring Team

caringThe Caring Team is a lay-led program intended to help Members with personal issues, grief, or spiritual/religious/belief concerns. Contact the committee by email.

Possible types of assistance include:

  • Emergency child care
  • Meal preparation
  • Providing rides to Society services and events
  • Sending cards
  • Visiting the homebound or those in a care facility
  • Temporary pet care
  • Supportive phone calls
  • Listening to those in distress
  • Help with home or yard care

Support Groups

Alzheimer’s Caregivers
Under the auspices of the Alzheimer’s Association, the Society hosts a Caregivers’ Support Group on third Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am. This is open to members and the public.

Bereavement Groups
Support groups for those living with grief over the death of a loved one are held periodically throughout the year. Please contact Assistant Minister Jim Foti for more information by email.

Advocacy Groups

Mental Health Awareness Team
The Society’s Mental Health Awareness Team (MHAT) is a volunteer led group that meets several times throughout the year to plan activities and programs that promote mental health advocacy and education.

The mission of the Mental Health Awareness Team is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide support through education, advocacy, and community to those whose lives have been touched by mental health challenges.

For more information about the Mental Health Awareness Team, or if you’re interested in joining or contributing, please send us an email.

In the case of a mental health emergency, call 911 or seek out a crisis line such as that of the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Minnesota.

To Volunteer

You may complete this simple online form to let Assistant Minister, Jim Foti, know about your interests and availability.

Joys and Sorrows for Sharing with the Society

Most weeks at our Sunday assemblies, we take a quiet moment to acknowledge the rites of passage, major challenges, and life milestones of the Society’s members and friends. If you have a joy or sorrow to share, please send a note to our confidential email address.

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