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The Exchange

The First Unitarian Society Exchange (FUS Exchange) is an online, email-based community of members, friends and staff of the Society (technically a Google Group).

Any member of the list may post to the full list and will receive posts sent by all other list members. You may elect to receive each individual email or a daily digest.

In joining, you agree to abide by the group policies based on our Humanist Unitarian-Universalist principles of respect, open-mindedness and intellectual honesty.

  • Posts must be signed with your real name
  • Open discussion of a wide range of ideas is encouraged, but critical remarks about members of our community are out of bounds
  • Similarly, critical remarks about Society programs serve no purpose here; they should be directed privately to the relevant staff or volunteer leadership
  • Posts should be relevant to the members and mission of the Society
  • Personal offers of items for sale/rent are generally permitted, but commercial promotions are not
  • You are expected to “trim your quotes” when replying to previous posts (if unsure what this means, ask)
  • Forwarding of other messages to the list is discouraged, especially without comments or editing (that includes jokes)
  • Forwarding of copyrighted material is never appropriate

Please note that while general issues of justice, legislation or public policy are open for discussion, the tax-exempt status of the Society could be jeopardized by partisan electoral comments (that means about candidates and political parties).

The Moderators may remove participants at any time for inappropriate posts.

To subscribe, send an email request to the Moderator.

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