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Humanism in Seven Points

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  1. People matter more than ideas.
  2. People have many ways of knowing, many ways of discovering and expressing what it means to be human. All ways matter. Art is universal.
  3. Science, mathematics, and scholarship are universal human expressions testable and provable in all human cultures. These are universal human projects toward a consensus reality. 
  4. Knowledge must be tempered with the humbleness of wisdom. While Humanist practice bases itself in human knowledge at a given time and place, knowledge is contingent—the truism of today becoming the obsolete artifact of tomorrow.
  5. Evolution is the greatest story of all, combining the cosmos with the human ethos.
  6. Humanists see people as of central concern not because of any specialness as a species but because of our capacity to both heal and destroy ourselves, the planet, and all living things.
  7. Humanism is devotion to nature and all life.
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