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First Unitarian Society Music Program

The mission of the music program at First Unitarian Society is to uplift, inspire, comfort, educate, and challenge the congregation. Through a range of styles, cultures, ensembles, and individuals, we aspire to nourish the society through artistic expression. Our gatherings are filled with music. 

First Unitarian Society has a long and unique musical tradition as a congregational humanist community. We are a group that experiments with a wide variety of musical styles and genres: from classical to jazz to world music to pop. The music featured in each Assembly can vary widely from week to week. This variety enhances our wide-ranging and forward-thinking Sunday morning Assemblies and events, and embodies our multicultural aspirations. 

For our Sunday Assemblies and other gatherings, we enjoy the talents of members, resident artists, and also performers from the wider community. Vocal and instrumental music inspires us, and also provides time for reflection. Community singing is a valued part of our time together. Be inspired and enjoy the incredible creativity inherent in being human!

Our Choral Ensembles

  • The all-volunteer Chalice Choir, which normally sings once or twice a month.
  • The FUS Chorus, which performs more challenging music a few times a year.

Our Instruments

We own a Steinway grand piano in the Upper Assembly Hall and a smaller Steinway in the adjoining Dietrich Room. The Society also owns a three manual Holtkamp pipe organ, built in 1962. It has a total of 33 ranks and 2,013 pipes. An impressive instrument.

Join us

Play an instrument? We need you! All instruments are welcome.

Join the Music Program

We invite members to get involved in our music program. We have a “house band” made up of members, a pick-up band that plays folk tunes. We are always looking for more ways to play. 

Reach out

Mike Vasich, Music Director