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Tips on Using Zoom

Zoom Tips:
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If You Have Never Used Zoom Before…
Zoom is a widely used and very user-friendly video conferencing tool. It allows you to watch live video and interact with others via audio or typed chat.

Zoom is easiest to use from a computer, but you can also use it from a smartphone. Computers and smartphones are preferred, but you can call in from any kind of phone if need be and listen to programming and meetings.

Some tips:

  1. A headset (microphone and earbuds such as came with your phone) is recommended for better listening/speaking.
  2. A videocamera is not essential for using Zoom, but it allows others to see you. Virtually all laptops have a built-in camera, but most desktops don’t. Cameras are not very expensive; they are easy to plug in and clip on the top of your screen. All smartphones have a camera.
  3. If you are planning to use your smartphone, you might want to purchase a stand for your phone, or work out how to prop it up in the right place for your call.
  4.  For security reasons you may want to unplug your camera when you are done with your Zoom call.
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