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Religious Explorers

What is often called “Religious Education”, we at First Unitarian prefer to call “Religious Explorers.” The program is headed by Allison Wyeth.

Some of our finest kids

2021 – 22 RE Session Directory

While our building is closed to Assembly and large group meetings, we will be posting plans for you to do at home with your child(ren), from Kindergarten through 7th grade (Grades 8 and up have been granted permission to meet in person, as planned). Find the date for the Sunday(s) we are not able to be together at FUS and click through to the plan for that date. It’s not important that you start or complete the activities on that Sunday – any time in that week is fine. Once we’re able to safely return to in-person RE, our kids and youth will be able to continue together at FUS.

New sessions will be added weekly, as needed due to building closure.

If you still need to register, please register here.

K-1 Chalice Children


Chalice Children focuses on Unitarian Universalism, the strength of community, wonder/awe and life issues we all share – all done in a playful, joyful and supportive way.

2021-22 K-1 Chalice Children Calendar

10/10/2021 – Session One: Chalice Children Welcome
2-3 Rainbow Path


Rainbow Path focuses on the eight principles of Unitarian Universalism. Using youth-friendly language and concepts, the Rainbow Path curriculum engages youth in understanding and living out our shared values.

2021-22 2 – 3 Rainbow Path Calendar

10/10/2021 – Session One: Rainbow Path Welcome
4-5 Lodestone


Open to all 4th & 5th grade youth, this curriculum dives deeply into areas that can be of concern and curiosity to youth – money, death and race. We’ll engage in guided discussions and activities to help explore how our living out our values can happen within the context of these big issues.

2021-22 4 – 5 Lodestone Calendar

10/10/2021 – Introduction to Lodestone
6-7 Crossing Paths


As middle schoolers, our youth are ready to engage with the wider community and consider the many theological paths and destinations offered by religious traditions of our neighbors; and what they share with UU Humanism or don’t. In previous years, this program centered around in-person visits to other faith communities, but this program year will involve all of us attending virtual services together instead.

2021-22 6- 7 Crossing Paths Calendar

10/10/2021 – Intro to Crossing Paths

THIS CLASS IS HELD IN PERSON AT FUS, 10-11:30 a.m. Sundays

8-9 OWL


(Registration closes September 25th, 2021 and requires attendance of all parents/guardians at orientation before youth is cleared to attend class.)A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program to introduce key topics in human sexuality. Focused on supporting youth to gain knowledge, life principles, and skills to understand and express their humanity in life-enhancing, values-grounded ways.

Note: Youth who are not registered in 8-9 OWL and cleared for participation may attend Grade 6-7 Crossing Paths or Grade 10-12 UU Heritage classes.

2021-22 8 – 9 OWL Calendar

THIS CLASS IS HELD IN PERSON AT FUS, 10:45-11:30 a.m. Sundays

10-12 UU Heritage


Centered around preparing our youth to enter the wider world with a solid grounding in the history of Unitarian Universalism and to make the most of their time on the Boston Heritage Trip (open to those in grade 10-12 who have not previously been on the FUS Boston Heritage Trip). We are tentatively hoping for the Boston Heritage Trip to come next summer, or possibly the following fall. Attendance at 75% of sessions is a pre-requisite to qualify youth for financial support from the Ogren Travel Fund for RE.

2021-22 10 – 12 UU Heritage Calendar

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