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Moving Towards Equity

Moving Toward Equity: FUS Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Team

Purpose: Develop and foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity, which we define as:

  • Diversity: Diversity is comprised of the differences that make each of us unique including gender, age, appearance, race, ethnic group, family/marital status, language, culture, sexual orientation, disability, religion, education, country of origin, political affiliation, socioeconomic status and more.
  • Inclusion: How people experience being connected, engaged, valued and included in FUS. Inclusion begins with the core belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect.
  • Equity: Closing the gaps so that factors related to diversity do not predict one’s success, while improving outcomes for all.

The team offers this list of books, films and other media

One of our initiatives was an Inventory Process

Regarding the proposed 8th Principle for the Unitarian Universalist Association:
* Text from the UUA
* Our perspective

For more information or if you have questions, please send us an email.

History and Background of the Team

The Moving Toward Equity Team is a team established by the Board of Trustees. The team was given the task of moving our congregation to further support diversity, inclusion, and equity. It seemed like a daunting task when we first met. Having moved through forming, storming, and norming we have made considerable progress. However, we have much more to do. It is work that never will end.

During our year and a half together, we realized that in order to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity, we needed to influence the culture of our congregation. We have done this through education, self and congregational analysis, looking at current systems and policies to identify systematic discrimination of any and all of our communities, studying other congregations to learn about their successes and challenges, supporting the 8th Principal, and making suggestions for change.

Diversity is not necessarily “browning the pews.” We want anyone entering our doors or Zoom sessions to feel comfortable and welcomed in a multicultural environment. Inclusion is opening our communities to everyone equally and celebrating and respecting the gifts of all. Equity is not allowing everyone to step up to the plate. It is equalizing the resources so that each one stepping up to the plate has a chance to meet their personal and community goals.

The Moving Toward Equity Team plans to continue to work for cultural change within our congregation. At times you may feel uncomfortable with what we do. We will try to help you feel comfortable with your discomfort. Please join and support us in this very important journey

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