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Congregational Work Groups

Justice and Liberation Work!

Education, Advocacy, Service, and Witness.

Work Groups are designed for FUS friends and members to put our common values into action! We are deeply engaged inside and outside the congregation and have made strong connections with each other as with longtime members and newcomers to First Unitarian.

For more information on any Social Justice activity at First Unitarian, contact Rev. Kelli Clement or Rev. Jim Foti.

Accessibility Task Force

As needed, biweekly

FUS faces multiple questions about accessibility, for both our current programming and our in-person options in the near future, ministers and key volunteers have identified the need for a task force to examine these issues, clarify best practices, and help determine policies and priorities. Email Rev. Jim to get connected!

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Active Voices Team

Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm Central

AV meets weekly to help FUS members and friends make the changes we need for a more just and peaceful world. Each week find actionable items that deserve our immediate attention. To join the group, email to get the Zoom link.

The Alliance

1st Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m in October, November, April, May, and June

Since 1915 the Alliance, made up of members and friends of the First Unitarian Society, has focused on service, learning and fellowship. The Alliance also engages in fundraising for the benefit of the Society, usually holding two “Super Roll Sundays” each year following the morning assembly with proceeds benefiting various needs. There are also periodic bake sales with proceeds dedicated to supporting landscaping work around our beautiful building. If interested, please email Marcy Leussler.

Board of Trustees

4th Wednesdays at 6:30p.m. Central

The Society elects nine of its members as its governing body. They are entrusted with decisions to ensure that its purposes are fulfilled and that it continues to thrive as a healthy organization. Board meetings are open with the exception of Executive Sessions.

Caring Team

The Caring Team is a lay-led program intended to help Members with personal issues, grief, or spiritual/religious/belief concerns. Email Rev. Jim to get involved.

Possible types of assistance include: Emergency child care; Meal preparation; Providing rides to Society services and events; Sending cards; Visiting the homebound or those in a care facility; Temporary pet care; Supportive phone calls; Listening to those in distress; Help with home or yard care.

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Climate Justice Team

Sundays at Noon Central as neede

Our team welcomes new folks to join the conversation and find the working group that calls to you, help shape our priorities, and plan for Earth Day 2021. Our resource list is jam packed with great information on many topics. Email Amy Drayer or email Catherine Jordan to get involved.

Mental Health Awareness Team

The mission of the Mental Health Awareness Team is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide support through education, advocacy, and community to those whose lives have been touched by mental health challenges. This volunteer led group that meets several times throughout the year to plan activities and programs that promote mental health advocacy and education. Email Rev. David to get connected.

Moving Towards Equity Team (MoTET)

Advertisement for Online Media Team

Online Media Team

Biweekly Friday mornings from 10:00a.m. to 10:30a.m Central

The online media team is responsible for website management and the social media pages for FUS and its associated organizations. Please fill out this volunteer form to get connected across a range of abilities and availabilities. No experience necessary!

Retreat to the Woods

The Retreat to the Woods is a longstanding First Unitarian Society tradition. Every Fall, members and friends of the Society have been gathering at a camp within an hour’s drive of the Twin Cities for a weekend of fun, community activities. The site is Baker Park which has a wonderful central lodge, cabins, and places to pitch tents for the more hardy.

This is a time for members of our community to get to know one another better through intergenerational community activities including singing around the campfire, story telling, games, hikes, canoeing, naturalist guided nature walks, bike rides, star gazing and anything that that a group of people are interested in. Part of the fun is in making meals and cleaning up together. This is also simply a time to get away from one’s regular pursuits and read a book or contemplate the meaning of life.

Right Relations Team

We believe the entire community benefits when we intentionally support both restoring right relations after conflict and communicating in ways that prevent harm. The Right Relations team consists of volunteers who have relevant experience, such as conflict resolution or counseling, and are willing to commit volunteer time to addressing issues such as when a person feels disconnected from the Society or individual members due to a conflict or perceived conflict or when a person feels that their treatment by an individual or group has not been welcoming or has been inconsistent with our value of the worth and dignity of every person.

The Right Relations Team’s goal is to help the parties to a conflict or perceived conflict engage in an open, loving, and respectful interaction that brings them closer to right relations and fosters personal growth. We will encourage self-reflection and putting oneself in another’s shoes. We will not be making determinations of right and wrong; rather, we will seek to bring about understanding and re-connection.

To get connected, please email the Front Office.

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Seasonal Celebrations Team

1st Wednesdays at 7p.m. Central

Our seasonal celebrations provide opportunities to affirm our earth-centered values, to find our rightful place in the cycle of life and to revel in awe and wonder at the beauty of this world, our home. Team responsibilities include choosing themes for solstice and equinox celebrations, finding poems and prose or write short presentations, making suggestions for music, planning and organizing decorations and meals for the events, preparing handbills and articles for FUS publications and the website, and recruiting volunteers to help with events. Email Audrey Kingston to get involved.

Service Auction Planning Team

First Unitarian Society members hold an auction every year to raise funds for the ongoing support of our programs. The night is fun event for all that promotes a sense of community within our congregation. Events include a silent auction, a live auction with Col. Curt Johnson, food, and drinks. Items sold at the auction are donated by congregation members and local businesses. Email Sheila Callander to get involved.

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