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FUS Summer Solstice celebration: Friday, June 17, 2022 — 6:30pm!

After our slow-motion spring this year, it’s hard to imagine that we are already closing in on the year’s longest day … and that thereafter, the days will begin getting shorter!  The Summer Solstice actually arrives on June 21 (at 4am, if you happen to be up), but we will get a bit of a jump on the occasion by celebrating (mostly) in our traditional way on the previous Friday evening.  Please make plans to join us at 6:30 June 17 for a light but enjoyable picnic-style dinner, followed by singing, a mummer’s play, a fire, and more!  

Our world faces many challenges.  We are in the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now taken a million US lives.  Our nation continues to grapple unevenly with issues around racial justice, police brutality, mass violence, incipient authoritarianism, and threats to reproductive rights, to name just a few.  Internationally, war in Ukraine is not only leaving death and destruction in its wake, but even threatens the global food supply.  And yet.  Even in such times — maybe particularly in such times — people in our congregation take strength and sustenance from the simple act of gathering, sharing a meal, finding gratitude in the light and warmth that summer brings.  For over 140 years, FUS has served as a touchstone in the lives of its members and friends — come, join us, as we take courage from one another and celebrate our unshakable connections with the natural world and the cycle of the seasons.

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